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UX and Branding

Diddo is a 3D scanning app meant for users to digitize their belongings into virtual 3D models. A user can then submit a file and have it recreated through 3D printing technology. Diddo also features a unique storage and cataloguing system. User’s also have the option to edit their models in app.

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The first step in turning your personal belonging into a 3D model is the scan step.

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Diddo not only lets you share photos of your 3D model but gifs, short videos, and 360 viewing files.

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Diddo has a customizable storage feature to keep your things organized.

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The best part about diddo is that when you can actually send in your 3D file to have it recreated and 3D printed.

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Diddo has an in app editing feature that allows a user to  customize settings of renders.

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