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Graphic Design

Info Graphics

A collection of research studies visualized throughout various infographic posters. Each poster was designed to communicate information and data sets through creative visualizations. 

Screenshot 2021-04-13 082155.png

Data Visualization: The Purpose Art Has Today

The data visualized in this 36 x 48 inch poster is based on research conducted through an anonymous survey in conjunction with an internet visual analysis. The survey consisted of 12 questions with the results positioned in the top portion of the poster. The analysis was conducted through searching the phrase “meaningful art” in the Yahoo and Google search engines and taking not of the first 25 images in the results 


Info Graphic: Bauhaus Curriculum

Comparison of three design schools throughout the United States to that of the curriculum poster was to visually communicate and compare the curriculum the Bauhaus School used to that of current Graphic Design curriculums.

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